Course Information


for Communication Arts Department

Introduction to Animation (CA201)


This class explores the introductory use of a variety of moving picture media including but not limited to flip books, simple flash animation, stop motion, After Effects and other CS software. Students can take this course as a studio elective. Students will produce short motion graphic sequences and vignettes

Animation 2: MAYA (CA202)


Students learn the mechanics of sequential storytelling, and apply them to storyboards, character development and design, short animated sequences and motion graphics. Students use traditional and digital media to create their images and learn digital editing techniques and processes

Letterpress Design (CA211)


This course explores technical processes, visual aesthetics and design strategies in letterpress printing through individual printing/publishing projects, as well as a final collaborative project. Students acquire a working knowledge of letterpress operation and design as a historic perspective of printing and to supplement to their knowledge of offset and digital printing technology.

Advanced Letterpress (CA311)


This course is a continuation of the exploration of the technical processes, visual aesthetics and design strategies in letterpress printing from CA211. Individual interests are pursued. Students determine areas of more advanced interest and work with the instructor to study them to create more advanced work to achieve quality portfolio pieces.

Digital Arts 5: Web Design (DA303)


This course explores various interactive digital media venues including interactive art, computer-based training, instructional design methodologies and, Internet and intranet. Students will be taught the art of utilizing a multimedia and mixed-media approach to creating dynamic interactive digital art and design. Students will be encouraged to incorporate ideas and media from photography, printmaking, 3D, and drawing. Assignments may include imagery that is projected, viewed on a monitor, comprised of cell phone graphics, or completed using output media such as CD, DVD, and television. Software may include Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator, Flash, Strata CX, and other previously presented software.