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Writing as Drawing and the Other Way Around (CR207)


What is the perceived weight of a given paragraph? How do concepts of density, speed, and color, as they’re established in a visual line, differ when they’re considered in the context of a sentence? How might the “prosody” of a line in poetry be represented and considered as a drawn line? How does our understanding of narrative change when it’s represented by the time-based medium of writing as opposed to the more spatially concentrated medium of drawing? We’ll ask questions like these (and many others) as we cajole writing and drawing into all kinds of juxtapositional relationships. We’ll draw AND write as we ask these questions. Through readings, films/videos, drawings, exercises, projects and (lots of) discussion, we’ll consider points of difference, similarity, and intersection when concepts and vocabularies specific to one medium are rendered across both visual and textual media. Text will become texture. The page will become a visual field. Writing will become drawing (and the other way around). Prerequisites: None

Creative Writing: And the Sonnet is Not Dead (HU331)


The sonnet, over the eight hundred years of its existence, has proven to be one of our most enduring, and potent, poetic forms, of equal parts logic and magic. In this literature and creative writing seminar, we’ll track and explode the sonnet’s long history—reading widely and writing wildly, with great elasticity and attention to the possibilities. This course is not only about the sonnet form, but about poetic/artistic form generally and the parameters (implicit and explicit) that we work with and against in any art-making context. The sonnet is not dead (and neither are the other received forms), but in this course we’ll reinvent it, kill it off, and bring it full-throttle back to life in our image, screaming its love in the future’s weird dark. In addition to reading, writing, and discussion, students will make art using the sonnet’s parameters and perform with the form as well.