Course Information

for Drawing Department


Drawing: Space and Meaning (DR201)


This course investigates a variety of approaches to describe and communicate spatial information. Students work from direct observation of landscape, still life, interior space, and the human figure, investigating expressive and narrative possibilities. Complex compositional, spatial, and lighting situations, and multiple figure poses will challenge students’ technical and conceptual drawing abilities. They also explore the implications of the artist’s choice of spatial structures and introduce students to non-Western spatial conventions, as well as mapping, gridding, and patterning.

Drawing: Strategies and Media (DR202)


Students explore a range of strategies and processes and experiment with traditional and contemporary media in solving problems that deal with space, time, narrative, and abstraction. This course supports the student in broadening drawing strategies, taking risks, experimenting with materials and surfaces, expanding subject matter, content and thinking while working conceptually

Drawing: Contemporary Practices (DR301)


In the process of encouraging more freedom, responsibility, and personal decision-making in each student, this course introduces students to concepts, roles, processes and practices that characterize contemporary drawing. Through research and individual practice, the student gains an understanding of the place and value of drawing in contemporary art and in their own art making.

Figure Drawing (DR302)


This course allows the student to explore the figure from a variety of points of view and for a variety of purposes, including formal, descriptive, portrait, expressive, social, cultural, iconic, metaphorical, symbolic and narrative. There is attention to both traditional and contemporary approaches to meet individual student needs.

Drawing as Inquiry (DR308)


This course puts strong and consistent emphasis on research as a basis for the development and sophistication of drawing, both product and process. This course focuses on drawing as a means of intentional research/investigation in the context of strategy, process and concept. Varied approaches to drawing are all built around preliminary and substantial research leading to drawing solutions to issues or ideas independently chosen by the student.

Intermediate Drawing: Collage (DR309)


Students will be exposed to a variety of collage techniques – both historical and contemporary. Collage will be utilized as a tool for drawing, as well as a means of juxtaposing images to create content.