Course Information


for First Year Experience Department

Communication (FY101)


Communication is a team-taught studio experience that introduces/reinforces the tools used in the exploration of visual literacy and organization. These tools include the visual elements and principles, color, and a variety of 2D and 3D media and processes. Visual explorations are supported through critique, the study of visual arts criticism and the use and application of relevant vocabulary and theory. This course should be taken concurrently with FY103 Discovery.

Ideation (FY102)


Ideation is a team-taught course that explores how artists navigate the relationships between concepts, processes and outcomes. Students work collaboratively in workshop sessions to practice types of ideation that are later applied to more complex, multi-layered projects. The course addresses ideation-related topics (including storytelling, research, semiotic analysis, chance operations, rapid prototyping and verbal expression) in terms of the roles they play in an artist’s work. Students utilize self-selected media—such as drawing, performance, video, design, sculpture, writing and digital arts—in relation to project goals and strategic outcomes. This course should be taken concurrently with FY104 Voice.

Discovery (FY103)


Discovery is a studio experience that engages students in a variety of self-directed projects to develop habits and skills that create opportunities for visual exploration, social/cultural awareness, and connection making. To make a discovery is “to find (something or someone) unexpectedly or in the course of a search.” The focus is directed toward searching and researching as a means of expanding our possibilities, identifying our influences, and locating new sources of inspiration and meaning. This course should be taken concurrently with FY101 Communication.

Voice (FY104)


Voice is a self-reflective studio experience that explores the critical role of individuality in the creative process. Students respond to a series of prompts, engaging their individual interests, concerns, and goals. Students manage and reflect on their process to identify strengths, inclinations, biases, routines and areas for expansion and growth. Through studio projects, students take an active role in learning to articulate and value their own unique creative experience and output. This course should be taken concurrently with FY102 Ideation.

Digital Literacy (FY105)


Digital Literacy provides an introduction to a variety of graphic software, including the Adobe Creative Suite. Through a diverse series of projects the course covers key technologies related to image capture, preparation, and printing. Students learn, in relation to their personal visual communication and expression goals, professional file management and workflow techniques, efficient and practical digital documentation, image presentation and systems. Through a series of studio projects, students explore online research techniques and best practices. In the process they acquire a working knowledge of digital skills and applications that benefit both visual creativity and communication. This course is a requirement for all students and can be taken in fall or spring semesters.