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Open Studio (SA210)


Students work toward self-defined goals by engaging in studio activity that is not limited to their major course of study. Students will engage in an active process that includes research, media exploration, discussions, field trips, and class critiques. Students will establish a schedule of studio visits/discussions with the instructor and scheduled guests.

Senior Seminar (SA482)


Senior Seminar is a team-taught, multi-purpose course required of all seniors that connects a student’s undergraduate experience to his/her life beyond college as a practicing professional and/or in a graduate studies program. The course is designed to initiate students to the practical aspects of articulating a life as a practicing professional and an investigation, discussion, and evaluation of what it means to live and work as an artist/designer in the 21st century. In the process, students explore the concepts, theories, influences, and experiences that inform and support the work they present for review in their senior thesis exhibition. Additionally, the course may cover such topics as establishing a professional presence in the community, the business of art and design, professional presentations, building a resume, and portfolio development, etc.

Senior Pathways I (SA491)


Senior Pathways I meets four times per week during the fall semester of the senior year and represents the first of two advanced-level courses, which prepares students to create work in their major as applicable to a professional pathway and/or for life after college. This team-taught course is a collaboration between a faculty team that represents a variety of professional pathways and students from all disciplines representing design, illustration, motion graphics, fine arts and creative writing. Pathways are determined each year based on student needs and interests. They include, Fine Art Studio practice, Curatorial practice, Creative Industry practice (commercial and creative industry), Community practice (community engagement), and Writing practice.

Senior Pathways 2 (SA492)


Professional Pathway Studio 2 meets four times per week during the spring semester of the senior year and represents the first of two advanced-level courses, which prepares students to work within a professional pathway. As with Professional Pathway Studio 1, a collaborative teaching approach defines Professional Pathway Studio 2, which presents opportunities for continued work and discussion across all disciplines, increasing a sense of community as a positive learning environment, blurring traditional territories, and opening possibilities in specific media and multi-disciplinary activity. This experience refines students’ preparation for collaborative engagement as practicing professionals in the creative fields of art, design, and/or creative writing. In Professional Pathway Studio 2, students complete their work as a senior thesis aligned with a chosen pathway(s) in a personally designed presentation format. Presentation formats include a gallery exhibition, a website, a public performance, a screening, a projection, public demonstration, portfolio presentation, flash retailing, public art, online event etc. (Prerequisites: 15 credits in the major discipline)