Course Information

for Professional Component Department


Going Big: Professionalism Workshop (PC201)


What does it mean to be a “professional” in creative fields? Is it possible to build a radical, forward-thinking career? How do we integrate a creative practice into the demands of workplaces and social lives? This course explores the big concepts at the roots of these questions, including ethics, purpose, community, social responsibility, and financial health. Students are encouraged to identify their core values, to define their “good life,” and to link these to their major choices and professional goals. Students are required to research internship, co-op, and career opportunities; write a resume and cover letter; build a portfolio; set goals; and practice interviewing. Other topics include, but are not limited to applying to graduate programs, grants, and residencies; managing taxes and contracts in the gig economy; and building an online presence.

Professional Pathways Preparation (PC301)


Internship (PC406)


Internships are Pass/Fail and are designed to provide an educationally purposeful, professional experience. The goal is to have students explore opportunities that offer meaningful experiential learning in which current skills can be strengthened while new skills are obtained. Students may also explore fields outside their area of study in order to gain supplemental experience. Students are encouraged to seek opportunities that enhance their personal understanding of the type of work they may pursue.