Course Information

for Sculpture (SC) Department


Sculpture: Form and Space (SC201)


Sculpture: Form and Space is an introduction to mold making and casting processes. Assignments focus on 3D material substitution using traditional and contemporary materials and techniques. Throughout the course, students will produce original 3D designs, select an appropriate mold material, then produce the object in multiples using compatible materials. Materials explored include: Silicone rubber, urethane rubber, latex, plaster, Hydro-Stone, wax, and clay slip. Through independent research and class field trips, students will learn how contemporary artists and designers employ casting principles and techniques.

Sculpture: Construction (SC202)


Sculpture: Construction offers an introduction to understanding 3D structure through various planar and linear constructions using different media and technical methods. The concept of a working model is introduced. An introduction to welding steel provides the means for skeletal, volumetric, and planar works, both representational and abstract. Mixed-media construction projects with other materials, including fibers and fabric, will focus on methods for sourcing materials for facsimile replication and appropriate assemblage techniques. The course also introduces selecting and manipulating found objects for a potential kinetic sculptural end.

Figure Sculpture (SC204)


Explore principles of three-dimensional form through a study of the human figure. Students may work in terra cotta, a clay to be fired, plaster casting in Hydro-Stone, fiberglass, and plastics or through other additive and subtractive construction techniques using wood, steel, direct plaster, or a variety of other materials.

Sculpture: Movement/Change: Nature & Kinetics (SC301)


This rigorous studio experience challenges students to select media and processes appropriate to the development of their individual vision/voice. Students will engage in a variety of material investigations through research and manipulation. Natural processes, kinetics, light, and sound are presented as sculptural elements. A study of contemporary sculptural practices supports the studio experience.

Sculpture: Installation (SC302)


Sculpture: Installation focuses on open forms, arrangement of elements in space, interaction with an audience, and issues of context. Students may create immersive environments, intervene in public settings, and/or invite participation. Concepts of the public, privacy, boundaries, scale, and place are addressed. A study of contemporary 3D practices supports the studio experience.

Sculpture: Performance (SC305)


This course explored the potential of performance art in a contemporary context. Students will develop unique, real-time experiences that are shared with an audience in class critique and in public. Issues of audience interaction, body movement, social intervention, costume, sound, and context are addressed through the completion of course assignments. A history of performance art is presented and researched to support studio practice. Students will document their time-based works appropriately to form a final course portfolio.